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I am a content creator by profession. I excel on crafting compelling narratives and engaging content, providing valuable insights to my audience.

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Some of the projects I have built so far...


Filifly - #1 Social File Sharing Platform

Filifly is a free, cloud-based file-sharing platform that allows users to transfer files between devices without logging in or creating an account and even through social media platforms.

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PixiTools - 100+ Free Online Tools!

PixiTools is a collection of online tools, generators, creators, and calculators. Tools like to calculator, generator, and creator for SEO, Web, PDF, TXT, Utility, and more. Both free and paid!

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WhisHper - Share Your Thoughts Anonymously

WhisHper allows you to share your thoughts anonymously, connect with others, and express yourself freely.
Join our secure platform for open conversations.

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