Facebook Ad Campaign Not Publishing

Facebook Ad Campaign Not Publishing – Troubleshooting Payment Issues in Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad campaign not publishing even though you have funds on your prepaid balance? It keeps asking to add payment methods/funds even after adding payment methods and funds.

Facebook Ad Campaign Not Publishing!

Facebook Ad campaign not publishing even though you have funds on your prepaid balance? It keeps asking to add payment methods/funds even after adding payment methods and funds. Are you facing a similar issue that your campaign is not publishing even after adding funds to the prepaid balance in your Facebook Ad account?

The persistent request to add payment methods or funds whenever you click on the “Publish” button can be perplexing. Is this issue resonating with your experience? Let’s explore a potential solution.


Facebook Ad Campaign Not Publishing
Add Payment Information Popup

Embarking on a Facebook Ads campaign is an exciting venture for any business, but occasional roadblocks can arise, such as payment issues. Recently, I encountered a perplexing situation with a client, and through meticulous investigation, a resolution emerged. In this article, we’ll delve into a real-world scenario involving difficulties with adding payment methods and shed light on the solution that ultimately restored seamless functionality.

Adding Payment Methods and Declined Transactions

The client’s initial attempts at adding a Mastercard/Visa debit card were met with frustration. Despite successful transactions of Rupee 2,000, signifying card verification, the payment method appeared under the payment method but the ad didn’t publish.

Further exacerbating the issue, endeavors to make manual payments encountered a peculiar twist. A successful UPI transaction of Rupee 50, reflected in the bank records, resulted in a Facebook Ads platform displaying a heartening “Prepaid Balance” message. The amount is added successfully to the prepaid balance. This predicament extended to Paytm and Netbanking attempts, all resulting in deductions but no corresponding success on the platform to publish the ad.

Analyzing The Actual Challenge/Issue

Understanding the intricacies of payment processing in Facebook Ads is crucial when navigating these hurdles. The discrepancy between successful transactions and their acknowledgment on the platform hints at a systemic glitch. To unravel this mystery, we must look beyond the apparent success notifications and delve into the account settings.

Although I researched about this. I made several searches online but couldn’t find any solution other than the same issues posted on Reddit-like platforms.

The Solution: Default Payment Method Configuration

Upon exhaustive exploration, a breakthrough emerged. The issue was rooted in the absence of a designated default payment method. Despite funds and verified cards, the system insisted on an additional payment method.

The remedy? Setting “VISA” as the default payment option in Ad Account Settings > Payment Methods.

Or just set any other viable payment method as your Ad account’s default payment method and then publish the ad and see the miracle.

In the given scenario, a practical resolution involves configuring any suitable payment method as the default payment method for your Ad account. By doing so, the system will follow a sequential deduction process. It will first utilize available funds, subsequently resorting to the default payment method to cover any remaining expenses. This systematic approach ensures a seamless transaction process and facilitates the successful publication of your ad campaign.

Implementation and Results

With the default payment method configured, the client revisited the campaign and attempted to publish again. To their delight, the perpetual “Add Funds” prompt vanished, and the campaign initiated seamlessly. The pre-existing Rupee 2,100 in prepaid funds, a remnant of earlier attempts, became accessible, demonstrating the efficacy of this solution.

Conclusion: Empowering Marketers to Navigate Payment Challenges

This case highlights the importance of meticulous account configuration when encountering payment anomalies on the Facebook Ads platform. Configuring a default payment method can be the linchpin in resolving seemingly inscrutable issues, ensuring that your campaigns launch successfully. As digital marketers, adapting to these challenges with strategic problem-solving enhances our ability to deliver effective campaigns and drive results for our clients.

In conclusion, this experience underscores the significance of a nuanced understanding of ad platform mechanics. By sharing these insights, we empower fellow marketers to navigate similar challenges, fostering a community of resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising. Don’t forget to share this article with your fellow marketers and colleagues. Thanks for reading!

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